Altrix Direct FAQs

ALTRIX DIRECT is the name for Altrix Primary Care-Nashua’s direct primary care (DPC) model that makes high quality primary care more convenient, accessible, comprehensive and most of all, more affordable. ALTRIX DIRECT offers a full range of primary care services for a low monthly or annual fee paid directly to the practice. All your ALTRIX DIRECT visits will be focused on helping you achieve your best possible health. ALTRIX DIRECT offers longer, unhurried appointments– giving you the necessary time with our nurse practitioners to build a strong relationship and discuss your health concerns.

Annual physical exams, unlimited primary care visits throughout the year, same-day or next-day appointments when needed, routine pediatric care, chronic illness management, EKG w/ interpretation, routine gynecologic care, pre-op physicals, basic wound care, and lifestyle counseling are all included. Office visits, telehealth (video) visits, cell phone, and secure email through our patient portal are all included at no additional fee.

What services are not included?

ALTRIX DIRECT is not an insurance plan. Any healthcare services not performed by an Altrix provider or not performed on or within the premises of Altrix Primary Care-Nashua, including emergency room/urgent care visits, hospitalizations, specialist care, advanced diagnostics (outside lab studies, imaging), medications, durable medical equipment (eg, braces, splints, crutches, etc.) are not included.

Insurance has no role in direct primary care. As an ALTRIX DIRECT patient, there is no insurance billing; there are no copays or deductibles. Your ALTRIX DIRECT membership fee covers your primary care needs.

We recommend that you carry insurance for coverage of healthcare services that cannot be provided in the primary care practice setting such as specialty care, hospitalizations, and treatment of catastrophic illness. Ceck with your benefits counselor.

At ALTRIX DIRECT our membership fee covers our cost. There is no insurance billing, therefore there are no co-pays or deductibles. Thus, you have a fixed cost for all your primary care needs. There is no demand to see a high volume of patients. Our relationship with you and the quality of your care are our priorities. Our patient panel size is smaller and the result is that our nurse practitioner providers are able to spend more quality time with our patients. You will have easy access to appointment times that meet your scheduling needs. You can reach out to our staff via e-mail through our patient portal and via phone to the office.

By spending more time with you and having your concerns or health problems diagnosed earlier or managed more carefully, the need to refer you to a specialist will decrease significantly. However, if you do need a referral, ALTRIX DIRECT will help you schedule an appointment with an appropriate specialist.

Our practice does provide primary care services to Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance patients using the traditional fee-for-service model. Medicare and Medicaid regulations and commercial insurance provider agreements do not permit us to offer ALTRIX DIRECT to commercial insurance or Medicare or Medicaid recipients.

Age Membership Fee
17 and younger $50/month
18 and older $70/month

Family membership rates: For families of four or more, one spouse is billed at the full price; the other spouse and the children are billed half of the price for their age.

A 10% discount is available for those who pay annually.
We accept most major credit cards for payment of the membership fee.

Individuals and their families seeking quality primary care at a reasonable cost who are not covered by commercial insurance, Medicare, or Medicaid.

No. ALTRIX DIRECT is designed to care for you over time, so we encourage a one year membership. If you decide to terminate your membership before the end of your membership year, you will need to wait until one year from the month you terminated your membership to reinstate your membership.

Check with your health benefits advisor regarding whether ALTRIX DIRECT membership fees may be paid using funds contained in such an account.

For questions or more information about ALTRIX DIRECT, please contact:
Jane Goggin, Community Outreach Coordinator
Phone: 610-955-9200; Email:
Please DO NOT send questions about your personal medical condition/concerns to this email address. This email address is for administrative use ONLY.